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Dear Mr./Madam Deputy,

I hereby wish to draw your attention to an imminent danger threatening the Republic of Moldova as an independent state, free to determine its own internal and foreign policy in accordance with national interests and the common good. This is the fact that an international document is currently being adopted by the World Health Organization, which is completely escaping the attention of decision-makers, the media and public opinion in our country.

I am referring to the ‘Pandemic Treaty’, drawn up and promoted insistently by the big pharmaceutical corporations through their affiliated bureaucracy within the WHO. This document is due to be adopted at the end of May this year at the General Assembly of this organisation (27.05.2024-01.06.2024; see: Usually such meetings are attended by representatives from the health system with secondary functions, who are far from understanding the strategic stakes of such actions. In fact, if these plans materialise, then in two months’ time all the countries of the world will irreversibly lose their state sovereignty.

This is precisely why I am asking you to make an official request to the Ministry of Health, asking for exhaustive information on the draft Pandemic Treaty and all the changes proposed by the representatives of WHO member countries to this document. Please also propose that public hearings be held on this subject in Parliament and that a broad public debate be held in society, with the participation of independent experts and the press, on this subject of vital importance to our state and to the life, freedom and health of every citizen.

We inform you that at present several international scientists, doctors, lawyers and public figures have been actively involved in informing decision-makers in the countries of the world about the enormous dangers posed by certain financial interest groups seeking to impose the Pandemic Treaty and the International Health Regulations. These individuals of impeccable academic and moral standing have formed a worldwide coalition of hundreds of prominent individuals from various countries called Door to Freedom (see: 

Dr. Meryl Nass

At the forefront of this international movement is its founder, Dr. Meryl Nass, a medical scientist with over 40 years of professional career, one of the world’s leading experts on biological weapons, epidemics and communicable diseases in the United States (see:

The proposed radical changes would transform the WHO from an international institution with advisory functions into an agency issuing decisions binding on all Member States. Thus, for example, a decision taken by the Director-General of the WHO would be binding on all Member States. We note that this position is held by a radical Marxist from Ethiopia with an extremely dubious reputation, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus ( In other words, a single international bureaucrat will have the exclusive right to declare a worldwide pandemic, which will disrupt the lives of all societies. Moreover, the same personage would dictate restrictive measures against the proper functioning of the economy and society as a whole. In addition, he would also have the discretionary right to dictate what treatment any citizen should receive, which medicines, vaccines or restrictions should be made compulsory for everyone. 

Tedros Adhanom Gebreyesus

All these draconian measures are being imposed in the wake of the so-called Covid-19 pandemic, which has caused millions of ‘sudden deaths’ due to the inoculation of experimental serums, catastrophically affecting the health of billions of people as well as the world economy through the blockades imposed on this pretext. I emphasise that the dominant discourse, promoted by the corporate media and corrupt officials since March 2020, is aimed at inducing panic and therefore obedience to measures imposed under the pretext of a health emergency. This psychological warfare operation with an alarmist message is amplified in the run-up to the May WHO meeting by the launch of another element of public fear-mongering, known by the strange codename « Disease X » (see:

In this case the classic PROBLEM – REACTION – SOLUTION formula applies. That is to say, in the first phase a false crisis is triggered, followed by the public’s panic reaction and generalised stress, so that finally those who caused the problem and foresaw the reaction come up with the prefabricated solution. This is the psychological and legal trap into which all the countries of the world are currently being pushed. In the case of the Republic of Moldova, the situation is aggravated by the fact that not a single decision-maker or parliamentary party in the two legislatures that have followed one another since 2020 has taken a critical approach to this issue, which is actually causing global transformations of unprecedented impact in history. And as we approach the presidential elections, there is a major risk that this vitally important problem will escape the attention of policymakers.

We also note that, if adopted, the Pandemic Treaty would seriously violate the Constitution of our state, as its authors do not intend to send the document for debate and ratification by national parliaments. Moreover, the imposition of exceptional conditions under the pretext of health will seriously affect fundamental human rights, such as the right to information and free expression, the right to freedom of movement, the right to travel, the right to choose a doctor and treatment, the right to assembly, etc. More seriously, the Pandemic Treaty is intended to establish a regime of generalised surveillance of the entire population, which would be entirely burdened with the stigma of ‘presumption of guilt’ for disobeying the regime of life decreed by the WHO.

I would also like to inform you that Dr Meryl Nass and her colleagues are invited to the parliaments of European countries, where they lecture to familiarise Members of Parliament with subjects that are usually foreign to them, but of fundamental importance. She recently spoke in the European Parliament (see: I would therefore suggest that you extend an official invitation to Dr Meryl Nass to speak in the plenary session of the Parliament. If such a solution is rejected, the invitation could be made by any individual parliamentary group. If, however, no parliamentary group can be found that is willing to enter into a dialogue with this world-class expert, then any MP could request a video conference with her. Of course, Moldovan MPs could also benefit from the expertise of other highly qualified specialists from the international civic movement Door to Freedom.

Finally, I would also like to present the interview I recently conducted with Dr Meryl Nass:;


Iurie Roșca, Member of Parliament for four terms (1994-2009),


President of the People’s University

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