Victoria Nuland has a body count comparable to Kissinger’s

Source : – 6 Mars 2024

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US ambassador Victoria Nuland has announced she will retire in the coming weeks. If you’re not an American reader, you might not know who Victoria Nuland is, so let me clarify: she is basically the harbinger of death, the architect of wars, the modern day Henry Kissinger. I don’t want to sit and calculate her body count so let me just say it’s high. Really high.

Ambassadors are supposed to develop friendly relations with foreign countries, but Victoria Nuland went to foreign countries, blackmailed them, funded insurgents and tipped those countries into war, unless their leaders did as they were told.

In case you didn’t know, there are two types of leader in the world: US puppets and brutal dictators whose natural resources we care deeply about liberating.

There is a joke on the internet that wherever Victoria Nuland goes, war follows, and it’s hardly just a joke. Just look at how she helped Sudan which is now facing a horrendous civil war:

This is how the US empire operates. Whenever they want to discuss “democracy”, it means a lot of people in that country are going to die needless deaths.

Type “Victoria Nuland” into Wikileaks and you will find 6,211 search results in her name. Now I’ve obviously not looked through all of those search results, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out those documents don’t show her in a flattering light. You will therefore be unsurprised to hear Nuland has been linked to the persecution of Julian Assange. Isn’t it impressive how wrong she manages to be about everything?

When we tell you the US empire is the number one problem in the world, people like Victoria Nuland are the reason why. But if anyone is excited by the news of her retirement, hold your horses because I hear she is being replaced by Deputy Secretary of State, John Bass, a former aide to Dick Cheney who wants the US to turn its attention towards China, so I’m guessing there will be a proxy war in Taiwan soon. Yippee!

Incidentally, Victoria Nuland was top adviser to Dick Cheney in the build up to the Iraq war so she can proudly add the blood of a million Iraqis to her CV. If you were somehow unclear, only warmongers get jobs in the war machine and there is no lesser evil in the US. There is only the military industrial complex and the politicians who do its bidding.

Whatever side of the argument you fall on regarding the Ukraine conflict, it’s inarguable that Victoria Nuland has failed spectacularly. The US refusal to do diplomacy, combined with genius actions like blowing up the Nord Stream pipeline, means not only is Ukraine in ruins, having sacrificed huge chunks of territory and countless men, but the European economy has been left floundering.

If you fall on the side of the argument that the west should have prioritised military support rather than diplomacy, Nuland has failed in that respect too. Presumably, this is the reason she is standing down. Nuland has failed as a diplomat and as a warmonger, but who gives a shit? BlackRock and Lockheed Martin have made a ton of money and that’s all that matters.

If you think the struggling EU economy is just an unfortunate consequence of the Ukraine war, you might want to listen to Nuland saying ”fuck the EU” and discussing which politicians the US wanted to run Ukraine after 2014, undermining the idea of Ukrainian sovereignty – something we’re supposed to care deeply about. Are you starting to feel like we’ve been manipulated yet?

Acting US president Anthony Blinken said of Nuland:

“Over the past three years, Toria has led this Department on everything from addressing complex crises in the Sahel, Haiti, and the middle-east, to broadening and strengthening America’s alliances and partnerships across Europe and the Indo-Pacific.”

The reality is that Russia has emerged stronger, huge tensions have built up between Europe and the US, and the global south is turning its back on the west and looking towards Russia and China.

US foreign policy has alienated almost everyone, and while the blame for that can’t fall squarely on one person’s shoulders, Nuland has played a significant role as the Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs (the third highest ranking US official), having worked under six presidents.

Blinken said: “It’s Toria’s leadership on Ukraine that diplomats and students of foreign policy will study for years to come.”

They will indeed. They will ask how the US got its foreign policy so badly wrong that it has weakened its allies, strengthened its enemies, and taken us to the brink of World War III while achieving absolutely nothing.

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